Interpretation of the Export Data of LED Lighting Products in the First Quarter of 2017

May 14,2017

The first quarter of 2017 has passed. In addition to the mad show performance of major listed companies, what kind of landscape is the LED lighting product export market? First, the Q1LED lighting products in 2017 exceeded US$2.6 billion in exports According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2017, China's total exports of LED lighting products reached US$2.621 billion, a ye... Read more


2017 LED Lighting Industry Development Trend

Mar 16,2017

In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival of 2017 is over and spring comes. For the LED lighting industry in 2017, the development of the industry still leaves a lot of lighting people watching the flowers and can't find a way forward. In 2017, what will be the development trend of LED lighting industry? Macro area "hot and cold alternating" Since the spring of 2017, the tone of the... Read more


New research from the United States, green light source can reduce chronic pain

Mar 09,2017

The stress of modern people is high, leading to chronic pain, many people may have to rely on painkillers, but the latest research from the University of Arizona found that exposure to green LED light source will help relieve pain in the future for patients with chronic pain. It will be a great gospel. Experimental special contact lenses allow only green light to pass through. (Photo sour... Read more


European Association of Asean releases 2025 strategic road map

Mar 06,2017

Leads: Recently, the European Association of Illuminati issued the “The Strategic Roadmap of the 2025”, which shows the new vision of the European Illumination Association for the development of the European lighting market in the next decade (2015-2025). With the emphasis on energy efficiency, Europa believes that improving lighting quality through LED products, smart lighting ... Read more