Ledmy | "New Favorite" in the Backlighting Field

Aug 19,2021

Ledmy Optoelectronics Information With the application of advertising light boxes, ceiling soft film and other backlighting applications, more and more customers are favored. In addition, the volume of a single LED package is getting smaller and smaller. The power is getting bigger and bigger. The brightness is getting higher and higher. Ledmy 160º wide-angle luminous light strip emerg... Read more


Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition | Ledmy shows you the "Linear Light World" The Information Of Shenzhen Ledmy Co., Ltd.

Aug 09,2021

The four-day Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition ended on August 6th. Since the opening of the exhibition, in addition to the exhibition hall design with highlights, the more impressive is the safety and epidemic prevention. The visitors shuttle orderly in the exhibition hall. They are rigorous but don't lose a passion for exhibition. Now the editor takes you back to the music of... Read more


Ledmy/Linear light makes life different

Jun 22,2021

With the continuous improvement of LED technology, the appearance and performance of linear lights are constantly improving, and the applicable scenes are also more extensive. More and more linear elements are applied to lighting scenes. Compact and efficient lighting methods bring unique sensory experience and visual art effects to space.  According to the specific application range, ... Read more


Ledmy Optoelectronics won the great reputation of "Shenzhen Well-known Brand"

May 17,2021

2021 China Brand Day·Shenzhen Local Feature Event and the 5th "Shenzhen International Brand Week" with the theme of "leading the new layout of the Greater Bay Area" will open on May 11, 2021, in the studio of Shenzhen Radio and Television Administration. The title of "Shenzhen Well-known Brand" recognized Ledmy Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and the corporate brand influenc... Read more