Exceed Expectations丨LEDMY Guangzhou gile came on

Jul 18,2019

On June 9, 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “GILE”) was grandly opened at Guangzhou Import and Export Complex (Pazhou Complex)! LEDMY at Hall 2.1 A18, which with innovation style has attracted many foreign and domestic customers visited. Especially the 360º led neon flex strip, demonstrate LEDMY as a lighting brand operator which strength on R&D, production and sales.
When come to LEDMY booth, there is a dazzling double floor building under the neon lighting came into view. There are a crowd of people whom interested in LEDMY’s product at the booth.
At this exhibition LEDMY with a new design of double floor and showing customers more good products. Each product have a scene application and greatly enhances the satisfaction of the visitors.
This year LEDMY brings three highlights and exceed your expectations with our professional strength.

▶ 360º LED Neon Flex Strip  Bring a different experience ◀ 
LEDMY 360º led neon flex strip left a deep impression on the visitors.
LEDMY, ten years rub a sword, never forget the original intentions, from the establishment in 2009 proposed “Stand High, Think Far, Creat Best”, till today LEDMY well proved LED strip light brand with “Sincere, Excellent, Beautiful”by what we have done.

At the exhibition, LEDMY showed the technical standards, quality standards, health standards, environmental standards and service standards. With actual figures and product scene application showed to visitors LEDMY high quality requirement of led strips and scientific business philosophy.

LEDMY 360º led neon flex strip is the product of “new product in LED industry” that the visitors want to know.  
LEDMY 360º led neon flex strip with milky silicon surface and high density led, have a wide light emitting angle and 360 degree free bendable, Light is uniform and no dark area, with strong waterproof and dustproof performance.

 ▶ More scene application  Multi-scenarios experience  ◀ 
Not only the 360º led neon flex strip, the styling wall with LEDMY ultra long strip and healthy comfortable bedroom with violet chip full spectrum strip, both products have excellent lighting effect.
Secondly, LEDMY conference room lighting solutions, outdoor lighting solutions, underground lighting solutions, linear lighting solutions all have related display area.

The violet chip full spectrum strip is developed by LEDMY from the principle of nature led illumination. With high CRI, lower harmful blue light and visual close sunlight, which is more conducive to physical and mental health. Even in the indoor environment, it can also make people feel like bathing in the sun and more comfortable, can better reflect the “people-oriented” lighting design concept!

In addition, LEDMY also showed high efficiency strip series, frameless led panel series, LED drivers and Alu profiles popular products.

▶ Interaction upgrade  Smart application brings more possibility to LED lights ◀ 

Except for the attraction of the product from LEDMY, people also have interest of related product applications.
The staircase with led strip made every visitor become“a child”, standing on the stairs - lighting on, leaving the stairs - lighting off, just like pressing on the piano to control the light. The visitors walk up and down the stairs, feel the fun of product application.

At the exhibition, LEDMY displayed not only the excellent design of booth, but also the strength products. With the high quality standard for led strips and innovative spirit of constantly developing new products, LEDMY has been affirmed and concerned by lots of customers.