Hong Kong Lighting Fair丨Enjoy the lighting festival as LEDMY presents the new designs

Nov 05,2019

From October 27 to 30, 2019, Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong Lighting Fair) was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Shenzhen LEDMY CO.,Ltd presented with some eye-catching new products . On the second day of the exhibition today, the booth was constantly crowded with people .

In accordance with the market demand, LEDMY launched 360° neon series and ultra long series. Meanwhile, indoor and outdoor application Bi-color neon series, RGBW neon series; indoor application high-efficiency strip light series. , indoor new popular 2110 series. It deeply revealed the design & application concept of new products by applying them into all the scenarios   like fresh, commercial, hotel, construction, window and so on . LEDMY's booth is based on white and blue. The layout of the exhibition board is bright and atmospheric, maintaining its unique high-quality lighting effect, giving the on-site customers the most intuitive product experience.

The 24V low-voltage ultra-long strip (IP65) and the 24V low-voltage Ultra-long neon strip (IP67) series, as the products exhibited on the booth , have also been applied in the one of  Tencent ‘s project in Qingdao , Shandong province.

Ultra-long light strip series, seamless linear light brings warmth and brightness to the serious office. The long and non-cutting embedded device integrates light with the whole space, reflecting a sense of technology .

At the scene, the tapes also includes 360° neon series, high efficacy series, and full spectrum series by violet chips (natural lighting), which directly show the various application performance, take the full spectrum strip by violet chips as an example, it shows the illumination effect in the hotel room or home and the induction situation of human eyes seeing the light. With wide application, it can not only be used in hotels, homes, but supermarkets, fresh, buildings, and fur, wood materials, jade, porcelain. At the fair, visitors can see the vivid lighting performance closely, and this also lead them to know LEDMY’s comprehensive and professional lighting applications.

What are the advantages of the ultra-long strip series in various applications?

Ultra-long, high consistency
For indoor and outdoor applications, no matter how long of the length that ultra-long strip will be used, the brightness of the strip from the beginning to the end can be maintained the same, without causing any problems like color difference, color shift, etc.

Reliable performance of tensile & torsion
When installing the strip, it is unavoidable that the strip will be pulled and twisted. Considering this situation, LEDMY optimize the design of the ultra-long strip, strengthen the characteristics and improve the quality, to make it more reliable during installation and construction.

The exhibition not only highlights LEDMY’s great display style design and exhibits that rely on strength, but also reflects LEDMY’s  innovation to continuously explore new products to follow the market demand. LEDMY will work harder and create more excellent products in future.