Pay close attention to epidemic prevention & control and actively recovery productivity, LEDMY resumed production in an orderly manner

Feb 14,2020

A year's plan begins in spring. During the special period,LEDMY made flexible arrangements to ensure comprehensive and rigorous epidemic prevention and control work, and resume production in an orderly manner. 

Official Start Time:Feb. 10th, 8 :00 AM.

▲ Factory Gate

In order to protect the safety, LEDMY has implemented strict process of admittance for employees. 

Temperature Measurement->Sole disinfection->Issued Pass card->Hand Disinfection ->Replace New Mask ->Wear ESD Protective Clothes ->Go to Work

All employees work normally and orderly in their positions , all departments operate normally.

 SMT Line

▲ LED Package Line

▲ Quality Inspection & Packaging Line

▲ Soldering Line

▲ Light bar finished packing line

Operation Center Office(Engineering, Quality, Production, Purchasing Dept' etc.)

*The company has also set up an team of epidemic prevention and control, with clear division of labor, responsibility in place, the formulation of epidemic prevention measures, supervision and implementation in place; Epidemic prevention publicity and education are also carried out simultaneously to strengthen employees' awareness of epidemic prevention and carry out epidemic prevention work in an orderly and effective manner.
*Collecting and tracing employee information, making an inventory of order & material stock & production capacity, evaluating supplier status of resume work.
* Unite a thought, comprehensive arrangement, division of labor and coordination of work, systematically, fully protected.

Safety above all, the first law of LEDMY’s production,we use three-pronged approaches of keeping synchronization of strictly control and service, implementing the responsibility of plant safety, implementing the work system of disinfection, to strengthen the supervision of the factory area,be strictly on guard and defend to the last,and effectively implement the various measures of epidemic prevention and control measures.