Ledmy | "New Favorite" in the Backlighting Field

Aug 19,2021

Ledmy Optoelectronics Information

With the application of advertising light boxes, ceiling soft film and other backlighting applications, more and more customers are favored. In addition, the volume of a single LED package is getting smaller and smaller. The power is getting bigger and bigger. The brightness is getting higher and higher. Ledmy 160º wide-angle luminous light strip emerged. Its ultra-high brightness combined with the silicone lens makes it possible to use only one 5-meter long strip for the backlight of a square meter light box, easy to install, greatly reducing the cost of light box backlight LED strip. The 160º wide-angle luminous light strip produced by Ledmy Optoelectronics has a color temperature of 2700-6500K, which can be adapted to the needs of different scenes. There are more parameters and advantages, please see the following details: