Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition | Ledmy shows you the "Linear Light World" The Information Of Shenzhen Ledmy Co., Ltd.

Aug 09,2021

The four-day Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition ended on August 6th. Since the opening of the exhibition, in addition to the exhibition hall design with highlights, the more impressive is the safety and epidemic prevention. The visitors shuttle orderly in the exhibition hall. They are rigorous but don't lose a passion for exhibition. Now the editor takes you back to the music of the beauty of the exhibition hall.

Exhibition Hall Design

The overall design of the exhibition hall adopts the modern concise courtyard style. It takes advantage of the simplest line to outline and analyse the overall structure of space. The unique color collocation creates a sense of impact on space. It follows the blue and white tones that are consistent with the brand style. The visual experience is fresh, comfortable and clean. The simplest way to expand the beauty of the exhibition hall makes people shine.

Product System

The products on display contain Ledmy's complete product system. The full scene lighting installation scheme makes the lighting application more intuitive and simple. The advantage of the open exhibition hall is that it has two entrances. Different entrances have different visiting routes and experience of light.

Entered from the entrance of reception of the exhibition hall , the place where we can see is the LEDMY brand display wall and reception desk. The wall groove and the side line of the reception desk are outlined by the COB 480 leds 3000K products. The warm yellow light makes the whole reception area look clean and soft, bringing people a kind and home feeling.

The other entrance is designed as a courtyard open style.The customers can set foot on the “avenue of stars” built by NiLED 70 leds 3000K product.The customer across the "Rainbow Bridge" built by DMX512 Symphony Neon products and come to the door of the "Time Tunnel". Along the way, grass and leaves, light and shadow create a colorful and dreamlike picture.

Walking into the "time tunnel" built by side bending 1616 120 leds 3000K neon strips. The light alternates between light and dark. The light alternates between light and dark, as if day and night overlap, being in it, walking with the light.

Walking through the "time tunnel", the modern fashion "light modeling" unfolds in front of you. The neon black diamonds 0510 appearance is only 5mm narrow. The light-emitting surface is integrated with the black display board. The soft light color presents a mimosa-like shyness. Next to the 360º neon rounded shape and full body luminescence characteristics on the black board outline a human figure - generous and clever. Two display panels are placed on the same wall, but different styles are harmoniously blended together, echoing each other.

When we turn around, we will see the "painting exhibition" built by the wall washer and the "glorious window" built by colorful squares. The combination of art and childlike, dynamic and static, beautiful and vivid.

Going further into the exhibition hall is the interior of the exhibition hall. The major product systems presented in each section are rich in product installation and application details, providing all visitors with a simple and easy-to-understand product introduction.

General Light Strip and Linear Lighting

Linear Lighting LED-3420

Finally we come to the reception area, where it merged with the first entrance. There is a rest area next to it.Customers can make appointments with Ledmy sales elites to discuss the products they are interested in while resting.

The next station is Zhengzhou Station. See you at the finals of the Zhu Rong Award~