Nov 09,2021

When considering using LED striplights (also known as “tapelights”) in lighting projects, one quickly realizes that there are many different products being offered in the market, with various qualities and technical characteristics. There are certain criteria that we can apply to help us determine what is the right type of striplight to use in any given situation. To prevent problems, cons... Read more


LED Light Strips are Not What They Used to Be

Nov 06,2021

With the advent of innovative, energy-efficient LED lighting technology, homeowners can create a unique lighting ambiance in every dark corner of their homes. In the past few months, Rise has reviewed Wi-Fi LED lighting controls, smart mood lighting, and even voice command LED lighting. Smart lighting technology is giving homeowners a whole new level of control over their lights. N... Read more


COB LED Flexible Strip Lights – New Strip, No Spots!

Sep 03,2021

LED Strips have been a wildly popular DIY lighting solution for many applications over the years. That is why we are so pumped on the newest LED Strip tech – COB Flexible Strip Lighting. If you have never read our LED Strip Light Guide than you should start over there first as that will cover all the basics of LED Strip lighting in general. If you already are familia... Read more


Ledmy | "New Favorite" in the Backlighting Field

Aug 19,2021

Ledmy Optoelectronics Information With the application of advertising light boxes, ceiling soft film and other backlighting applications, more and more customers are favored. In addition, the volume of a single LED package is getting smaller and smaller. The power is getting bigger and bigger. The brightness is getting higher and higher. Ledmy 160º wide-angle luminous light strip emerg... Read more