Aug 13,2021

The fluorescent lamp was developed for commercial use in the 1930s and was delivered across the globe with widespread success. However, lighting design has come a long way since the 1930s and a new contender for the best lighting technology brightened up the industry in the late 1960s. In 2021, the world is a very different place. Our expectations of quality and our interior design ambitions a... Read more


34 genius hacks for LED strip lights

Apr 02,2021

Creative ideas for LED lighting strips Hera_Architonic LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have revolutionised the way we can illuminate our homes. Cost-effective tiny LED light bulbs are attached to tape, metal stripes or enclosed in plastic casing, which can be easily attached to almost anything to create stunning results. While it's a bit more complicated than simply sticking the lights ... Read more


LED Strip Lights: How Are They Made?

Nov 30,2020

Did you know LED lighting systems have become so efficient that NASA used them for their space shuttle! LED lights are so versatile and flexible that they can be used in virtually any space and area. They provide an adequate lighting solution for several applications you can think of. Be it underneath your bed or sofa, as a backlit for your TV, for creating a virtual sky for your ce... Read more



Oct 30,2020

When it comes to lighting for a living room, it is essential to think of the furniture arrangement first. Once you know where your key pieces of furniture will be, you can look to position your light fittings in order to enhance the space. Do take a read through our living room lighting ideas and tips below. When thinking about your living room lighting ideas, start by looking at the most prac... Read more