2018 Ledmy Marketing Pledge Conference be Crowned with Complete Success

Jan 12,2018

”We are Ledmy people, we will fight for our sale goal in 2018, lead team well, with firm confidence to scale new heights”. In 9th, Jan, 2018, Shenzhen Ledmy Co., Ltd kicked off 2018 annual work conference. With such strong vow, the head of each sales team express their confidence and  determination to fulfilling their goals and tasks resolutely. Thousands of sail are competing for... Read more


The key to choose superior LED strip lights,LEDMY knows.

Aug 16,2017

Firstly , let’s get to know what is LED strip light: LED strip light has got it’s name for the shape of the product :it looks like a strip  . It is made of LED lights which assembled on strip-shaped FPC or PCB board . It has made it’s figure in decoration industry for it’s long service life(normal life span 80~100 thousand hours ) , energy conservation and eco-friendly p... Read more


Linear Lighting-the “Make-up” for Space

Jul 04,2017

Light is to space what air is to life The interweaving of light and darkness endows the space with soul Strip Light Space, like people’s face, needs “make-up”, while lighting is the most magic “make-up”. And we, Ledmy, is a supplier of the most professional linear lighting “make-up”. The highest state of lighting design is that not only the space looks elegant and light, but that th... Read more


The new three board added a high level enterprise

Aug 04,2016

LEDMY formally listed on January 11   On January 11,2016, the Shenzhen LEDMY photoelectric co., officially listed in the new three board, stock code: 835455, stock abbreviation: LEDMY. LEDMY photoelectric been engaged specialized in LED lighting products research and development, production, sales, is a leading domestic supplier of decorative lighting products. Ma... Read more