Ultimate Elegance - Collision between Le Meridian and Armani

Feb 02,2018

“I design residences in which I would like to live.”

Giorgio Armani

I believe that people are not stranger to “ Armani” , because it’s represents the world's leading luxury goods group. It designs, produces, distributes and retails fashion and life products. The products include clothing, accessories, glasses, watches, jewelry, home improvements, perfume and cosmetics, Meanwhile, It creates a range of luxury brands, the most common is the Armani clothing,  Armani brand has been the leading luxury brands in all over the world.

Armani Home improvements has been established for more than a decade and is the global leader in luxury homes. Armani on behalf of  elegance and style, It’s derived from Mr. Armani's dream of the perfect personal life, combining warmth, harmony, comfort and taste, There are two art apartment Which designed by Armani around the world. The first Armani Art apartment is located in Dubai- the Middle East's "trading capital", The second Armani Art apartment was set up in Chengdu, Sichuan, at the end of 2016.

Since its inception, "Concentrate on Studies, Reach the King’s taste" has been the unchangeable tenet of LEDMY. It symbolizes the enterprise's demands and the positioning for its own brand. Adhering to the brand connotation of "sincerity, excellence, beauty", LEDMY become the lighting supplier of Armani Art apartment,  LEDMY and Armani team create the luxury apartment with the strong artistic atmosphere.

With the world's top designers, LEDMY linear lighting  has become a special brush for creating the artistic atmosphere. LEDMY supply  Armani  a series of high quality 3528 and 5050 strips in this project. It match the main  and auxiliary  lighting system very exquisite ,so that the whole apartment shows an elegant and fashion atmosphere, It has been appointed as ambassador of top and luxury life in ChengDu, Even all over the world.