Do you like our new website #LEDMY?

Jan 16,2019

Innovation and development are important themes of the times. In order to provide a better information platform to our customers, more friendly use and search, we upgraded our official website in the middle of 2018, which still highlight the products but with a lot of new design and corporate news, company introductions, case collections and so on. 

It has updated the product center module, and the product classification is more clear. The classified index on the right side of the page can better facilitate the screening of products by users, and conveniently pick out the product information that you want to know.

In the product details page, the introduction of product features and basic technical parameters on the left side is more clear; in the download module, provided specifications, IES files, integrating sphere reports, product installation videos, etc.. Easy to see and get.

The public news center module is divided into company news, media news, and industry news. The company news will release the latest corporate news of our company from time to time. In 2019, we will display the company's main products and the company's new products so that the customer knows the latest product news of Ledmy; the media news will release the information of Ledmy’s activities with major media partners. This column also welcomes peers and media friends to contact us for increasing the website entrance, optimizing the website SEO; and industry news will occasionally release news and datas in the industry.

In the service support module, it shows the company's new version catalogue, new product  leaflet and the various certifications of the products.

Ledmy sincerely thank all the friends for their support. We would improve continuously for better product quality, faster and better service. For more details, welcome visit